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Educate78’s Teacher Advisory Group Launches City-Wide Teacher Survey and Focus Group Initiative

Teacher Survey      April, 2016     
Why do you to teach in Oakland?
What keeps you here? What might cause you to leave?
We want to hear your voice! We want to know, candidly, what’s working at your schools and what’s not.
We are a group of 20 Oakland public district and charter school teachers serving on a Teacher Advisory Group brought together by Educate78, an Oakland nonprofit committed to attracting and retaining high-quality teachers in Oakland. We believe deeply in keeping teachers’ voices at the center of the educational conversation in Oakland so that the teaching profession is highly respected, teachers’ voices are heard, and teachers are driving the educational initiatives in Oakland.
To this end, we launched a city-wide survey this month, and are facilitating focus groups discussions, of Oakland teachers in order to lift up teachers’ voices across our city and spark a conversation about teacher engagement and retention in our city.

Take the City-Wide Teacher Survey!

By completing this anonymous, 5 minute, 14-question survey, we can gather information about how public school teachers across Oakland — not just in one school or in one neighborhood — feel about our jobs


Any credentialed teacher, from Pre-K to K-12 to Adult Education who teaches in Oakland public district and charter schools, can take this survey.

As an added perk, for schools with the top participation rates, we’ll donate $15 to your school for every credentialed teacher on staff. This adds up fast. For example, a school with 20 teachers could receive a $300 donation to support your team’s work!
The short survey — developed by Gallup and used by thousands of organizations – will provide a reliable and common measure of our satisfaction and engagement. While it won’t cover every important topic related to our jobs, we believe the survey will reveal important trends and help to spark a conversation across our city around our day-to-day experiences in our workplaces.
We absolutely hope and expect that it will raise additional questions about what’s supporting teachers to be successful right now, and what we need to work and thrive in Oakland for years to come. We’re excited about the conversations and learning this survey can spark in the months and years to come!
Oakland Teacher Focus Group

We’re also facilitating focus group discussions across the city to dive deeper into what is keeping teachers in ours job and schools, and what might cause us to leave.  

Join our focus group about teacher retention led by Oakland teachers.

With your help, we’ll start this important and ongoing conversation. Oakland teachers, please join us by taking the survey and participating in a focus group. Your voice matters, and by sharing it, you’ll be part of a movement working to make our city a truly great place for educators.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

Dewanna Slaughter

Dewanna Slaughter

Frick Middle School

Karen Schreiner

Karen Schreiner

Aspire Monarch Academy

Paul Meyer

Paul Meyer

East Bay Innovation Academy

Robbie Torney

Robbie Torney


We are members of the Oakland Teacher Advisory Group convened by Educate78. For a full list of members representing public schools across Oakland, visit the Teacher Advisory Group page. We are designing teacher-led initiatives across the city to improve teacher satisfaction and retention.


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