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All families across Oakland’s 78 square miles know their children will realize their full brilliance and potential at every public school in any neighborhood. Our community continually takes collective responsibility to reimagine, create, and improve a public education system where success is not predicated by race and class.
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Policies & Practices

Every decision made by our local school boards should put kids first, especially those historically failed by our current system. It’s a vision that we believe in for the district and all charter public schools. That’s why we advocate every day for better policies and practices that put kids first and move us toward collective responsibility for all.

More Money for Kids in the Classroom

We believe that more funding is needed to achieve our vision for Oakland students, or for that matter all California students. We also believe existing money can be used much more effectively. We’ve covered some of these issues in our #OUSDBudget blog. We also support organizations like GO Public Schools that track the work of the school board and are pushing for a citywide vision of equity and excellence for all Oakland kids.

We are also supporting an OUSD staff led design team to explore how the district could become a school system that puts students at the center and empowers those closest to students – educators, families, and the students themselves – to make decisions about people, time, programs, and money in order to achieve transformational outcomes. Read more about this effort here.

Ensure Equity

Through our participation in the Oakland Achieves Partnership, we support regular data-driven analyses of Oakland public education. One of the landmark studies was the 2017 Informing Equity report, which for the first time provided a solid base of facts to compare district and charter public schools. We support increasing equity and access to ensure that students longest denied a quality education receive the attention and resources they need to have equal opportunity.

Improve Charter Public Schools

The charter sector has lots of variability. We are incubating local efforts such as Oakland Charters to lift up equity and quality across the sector, as well as help provide a voice for the sector as a whole. We also work closely with the California Charter School Association, pushing locally for a statewide agenda that better serves Oakland’s neediest students.


Let’s Work Together

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