Our North Star

All families across Oakland’s 78 square miles know their children will realize their full brilliance and potential at every public school in any neighborhood. Our community continually takes collective responsibility to reimagine, create, and improve a public education system where success is not predicated by race and class.
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Leadership for Liberation

Our Mission:

Through individual coaching and group facilitation, we create and hold space for leaders – especially leaders of color – to heal from racism while developing skills to identify and interrupt racism within their personal leadership as well as the practices and policies of the organizations they lead, and design antiracist solutions in partnership with the community.    


Our Core Program: Oakland’s Principal of Color Antiracist Collective

The Antiracist Collective is a space for Oakland’s principals of color to heal from racism and build partnerships with their supervisors while learning technical and adaptive skills to be antiracist literacy leaders.   

    Who We Serve:  

      Our primary partners are leaders of color in K-12 public schools and organizations in Oakland.


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