Our North Star

All families across Oakland’s 78 square miles know their children will realize their full brilliance and potential at every public school in any neighborhood. Our community continually takes collective responsibility to reimagine, create, and improve a public education system where success is not predicated by race and class.
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Our Impact

We don’t just talk about equity and quality for Oakland public kids. We make grants and do work every day to make this vision a reality. Every year, our work reaches well over a third of the Oakland public school student population, over half of Oakland’s public school teachers and schools, and nearly a fifth of Oakland’s public school families, with an emphasis on those communities furthest from power and longest failed by our system.





Over 30,000 Students Served

Every year, our work to decrease racialized education outcomes reaches tens of thousands of Oakland public school students. They attend schools we have helped design or redesign, receive improved classroom instruction from teachers who were trained by one of our partners, or develop their digital voices as Energy Convertor fellows.

Over 1,500 Teachers Supported

Teachers are with our children every day. It is their hard work in and out of the classroom that directly impacts the lives of our children. We believe strongly in working to improve the recruitment, retention, and development of the highest quality and most diverse educator workforce possible. Every year, through grants to teachers (through a program they developed!), elevating teacher voice in our annual teacher survey, convening teachers for leadership development, and involving teachers in the transformation of their schools, we reach over half the public school teachers in Oakland, district and charter.

Nearly 5,000 Families Served

Families – and Oakland enjoys the fullest diversity of the modern family from all corners of the world – are essential to our vision of improved public education, as parents are their children’s best advocates. Through grants and technical support, we work with community-led organizations that empower parents, elevate their voices, and provide tools to local families to help their children thrive. Our work with The Oakland REACH supports their Citywide Hub, Family Sustainability Center, and Literacy For All campaign. We also partner with Energy Converters on mini-grant program The People’s Literacy Fund to get resources to individuals who are creatively enhancing students’ learning during remote school. Our work with school leadership teams includes strengthening their capacity for meaningful family engagement. We reach thousands of Oakland parents, grandparents & guardians every year. We are proud to focus our efforts on those families that have long been left out and left behind.

Over Half of All Oakland Schools

Every year, our work with school leaders, instructional teams, and community organizations reach over half of all Oakland public schools, district and charter. Through training educators to increase instructional quality and dismantle systemic racism in our schools and providing technical assistance for community advocacy groups like the NAACP’s FULCRUM initiative, we help schools across the city, with an emphasis on those schools serving children in the flatlands who face the biggest challenges to getting a great public education.

If you’re curious about these impact numbers and how we reached them, please contact our resident data nerd and OUSD graduate Carrie Chan. She’s a Stanford grad in chemical engineering, who decided to work in the community from which she came.


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