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All families across Oakland’s 78 square miles know their children will realize their full brilliance and potential at every public school in any neighborhood. Our community continually takes collective responsibility to reimagine, create, and improve a public education system where success is not predicated by race and class.
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Blog How-To and Guidelines

To write a new blog:

  • Gain Egnyte credentials from Educate78 team. You will get a personal login using your own email.
  • Navigate the left side of the login page, and hover over “Blog”. You will have the choice to click “all posts” or “add new”.
  • Select add new to write a blog from scratch, or select “all posts” to duplicate and edit an existing copy.
    • To make a duplicate of an existing blog (this will help save time in formatting), click “all posts” and hover over the existing blog you want to duplicate. Click “clone”.
    • Hovering over blogs also allows you to quick edit – change date/time, schedule uploads, pick an author, etc.
  • Always use Divi to edit blogs.
    • Must use Divi editor (not default WordPress editor) for proper output.
    • Divi is a premium visual editor that allows users to build out pages with rich features. Divi works in blocks (which are essentially sections and rows) where you can easily move content around.
    • Can add components into pages by inserting “modules” – you can basically add all sort of blog features and formatting, which is really handy. While you can research which modules are best to work with, you can also spend time experimenting and playing around with different modules to master how each one functions.

Content formatting guidelines:

  • Font is always .10 Pontano sans
  • Headings should be bolded.
  • Blogs will usually include a photo – photo should be a certain size (378×250 pixels, 400 kb in jpg – more detail in “photo” section below)
    • Photos will come from official Ed78-approved photos from their photographer Tai, which can be found here.
    • Be sure not to reuse blog photos.
    • Avoid using “Roses and Concrete” photos, as the school no longer exists.
  • As a best practice, never grab content from a document/word page and directly drop it into the “visual” tab (located on the top right tab when you write a blog), as it may have hidden formatting – it’s easiest to remove formatting by dropping it into “text” tab first, which removes formatting, then editing off the “visual” tab.
  • When including hyperlinks, double-check the link works!
  • Click “save”.
  • IF YOU EDIT TEXT AFTER PUBLISHING – CLICK CLEAR CACHE (located on top of page in black bar)! OR IT WILL NOT WORK!

Post-content instructions – publishing metrics:

Once you exit Divi, there publishing metrics, such as blog-related tags and search engine-related categories to be mindful of. These are located on the right side of the page and below the Divi builder. 

  • “Sticky-share buttons” – always include in post (these are social media buttons that allow you to share to FB, Twitter, email etc)
  • “Language” – should always be English. We will occasionally want to translate pages into other languages.
  • “Publish” – SAVE YOUR DRAFTS OR LOSE EVERYTHING!!! WordPress does not autosave!!!
  • “Categories” – select relevant categories the blog belongs it for easy website search
  • “Tags” – add focused keywords such as “education” and “OUSD”
  • Edit “permalink” (slug) to something simpler and easier type (near top of page).
Image Sizes


  •  Home
    • Banner background: 1920 X 1097 px
    • How we contribute Section Image: 610 X 461 px
    • Testimonials Section Thumbnail: 175 X 175 px
    • Team Section Thumbnail: 235 X 235 px (Auto Generate)
    • News Section Background: 1129 X 762 px
    • Let’s Work Together Section Background: 489 X 589 px
  • Inner pages
    • Main banner Image: 1920 X 500 px
    • Content area Image: 610 X 461 px
  • People featured image: 352 x 352 px
  • Blog
    • Main header banner background: 1920 X 500 px
    • Featured image: 378 x 250 px
  • Contact
    • Background image: 1920 X 698 px


  • You’re building pages for people that will see them in tons of resolutions (i.e., phone vs HD monitor)
  • Photo weight should be like 4mb – be sure to properly size images in dimension and weight
    • Photos weigh down the page and will affect load time. 
Page Management (how to add or edit a page)
  1. Click “all pages” in the left hand menu

2 column layout

  • When using a 2 column layout, you must omit the block at the bottom that contains the form. It is only applicable in 1 column layout. 

Fonts Used

  • Open Sans

For Blue Button

  • Use “btn-blue-animated btnpadding” class for the link. eg:
<a class="btn-blue-animated btnpadding" href="#">Test Button</a>

Test Button


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