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An Exciting Time for Enrollment in Oakland Public Schools

Our Voice      December, 2016     
Enrollment can be a unsettling time for public school families here in Oakland. Part of the problem – perhaps the biggest part — is lack of quality options. Parents and guardians worry that their child won’t get into a school that would be a great fit for their needs. In the spring, the notifications often raise more questions. The whole process is a time-consuming and costly effort: hours of online research, time off to attend school tours, spreadsheets to keep track of options and deadlines. It can be a virtually impossible task for the many families in our city, especially those without English language proficiency, internet access, flexibility, transportation, and time.
Fortunately, this year will be better for families. Oakland public schools have begun to modernize the enrollment process to make it more accessible, transparent, and equitable. Here are some highlights:

  • OUSD Enrollment Online: OUSD has a significantly improved enrollment website with more information and a way to apply online to district-run schools this year. Check it out: ousd.org/enroll. There are also “Options Fairs” (the two remaining will happen early next year) where families can get a free computer!
  • Enroll Oakland Charters: Oakland’s charter schools have banded together to create a single application process, virtually eliminating the different deadlines and applications which were so confusing. Almost all the charters are part of this single application. Here’s the link: http://enrolloak.org.
  • School Finder Online: This new online tool has lots of useful information about both district and charter public schools so families can more easily find the schools that meet their children’s needs. The online application tools for District and charter schools are both integrated with it. (And I’m very proud to say Educate78 provided funding to help get this tool created.)
  • Oakland School Performance Framework: The “Oakland SPF” is a truly remarkable new source of useful, comprehensive, and comparable data on OUSD schools. It’s helpful for families (and for leaders trying to improve schools). Kudos to the OUSD team – they’ve created one of the best school quality frameworks in the country. Educate78 is working to make sure charters join next year as part of the Equity Pledge work we are supporting.

Families still have time to research and apply: the first deadline is January 20. For a good overview with all of the dates, GO Public Schools has put together this handy graphic. Please help us share out this information to EVERY parent, guardian, and educator in Oakland. Information is power!
Even with these new tools, however, we must remember that what’s really needed is more good schools for families to choose from. We’ve been pleased to see that that schools across Oakland are headed in the right direction with many schools “On the Rise,” some hidden gems, and a couple of high schools winning external recognition for closing the achievement gap. With our School Design Lab work, we are trying to do our part to accelerate the process. We also hope to continue supporting more improvements to Oakland public school enrollment going forward.
Good luck with your research and thanks again for spreading the word about this exciting time for Oakland public school enrollment!


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