Our North Star

All families across Oakland’s 78 square miles know their children will realize their full brilliance and potential at every public school in any neighborhood. Our community continually takes collective responsibility to reimagine, create, and improve a public education system where success is not predicated by race and class.
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Equitable Systems

We believe in a community of schools for all Oakland kids free of racial inequities. This means that all public schools, district and charter – as well as other stakeholders across the city – must work together, communicate openly, and engage fairly, fulfilling their obligations to serve all kids, and addressing the racist and oppressive systems that have plagued our city for too long. This is the collective responsibility we talk of in our North Star.

To provide more students with equitable access to quality learning experiences, Educate78:

    • Works with Oakland Unified School District and the charter sector to create the conditions for schools to implement an evidence-backed academic program that develops students’ abilities to read fluently and think deeply;
    • Integrates aligned programming for Chief Academic Officers, Principal Supervisors and Network Superintendents in our professional learning programs so that organizational systems help school sites improve instructional quality and student outcomes;
    • Supports and provides technical assistance to NAACP-Oakland’s leadership team for its FULCRUM (Free and Complete Reading is a Universal Mandate) initiative, which advocates for local and state-level policies supportive of structured literacy.

Only by working together and recognizing that we are all part of one Oakland community will we create the quality schools our students deserve.

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