Our North Star

All families across Oakland’s 78 square miles know their children will realize their full brilliance and potential at every public school in any neighborhood. Our community continually takes collective responsibility to reimagine, create, and improve a public education system where success is not predicated by race and class.

Our Impact

Since 2015, our work has reached…




Our Impact for Oakland students

Over six years, from our founding in July 2015 to June 2021, Educate78 touched the lives of more than 30,000 students, 4,500 families, and 1,500 educators across Oakland’s public education ecosystem. 

We made grants, sponsored training, provided coaching, supported community partners, piloted innovative programs, and launched new organizations across three areas of work:  Empowered Families, Transformational Schools, and Equitable Systems.

Guided by our North Star, we are proud to have accomplished the following:

  • Helped redesign, launch, improve and/or grow 34 schools, resulting in better schools for over 16,000 students
  • Increased teacher retention in 26 schools by helping teachers to implement their own ideas to reduce educator turnover and burnout
  • Sponsored professional learning for 600 teachers and principals in nationally-recognized development programs
  • Improved the public school enrollment process to be more transparent and family-friendly, especially for families most disenfranchised
  • Backed family leadership development programs so hundreds of families could became stronger advocates for their children

What People Say About Educate78

Parents are fed up with the lack of quality across all Oakland public schools, district and charter. Get ready - we’re only beginning our push for change to give parents real access to quality education for their kids.

Lakisha Young

The Oakland Reach

Educate78 has been an invaluable funder and thought partner, always driving us to reach deeper in partnering with parents, community organizations, the district, and charter schools.

Luis Rodriguez

Enroll Oakland

I appreciate the funding and advice we’ve gotten from Educate78. It’s not easy to get our message in front of the powerful people who control the district and charter schools, so we need all the allies we can get.

Connie Williams (Mama Williams)

The Oakland Reach, Parent

Educate78 plays a number of important roles in the education ecosystem, adding capacity across various organizations that benefit students and families in many areas like data analysis, advocacy, and communications. Their ability to plug in where most needed in a given moment is a crucial support for the collective work.

Jessica Stewart

Go Public Schools Oakland

At our Lodestar school, we have witnessed firsthand the power of great teaching. That is why we worked with Educate78’s Teacher Advisory Group to help make Oakland a city that both attracts and retains talented teachers.

Robbie Torney

Lodestar, a Lighthouse Community Public School

I love working with Educate78's Transformational Schools Program. The support they provide district school leaders helps guide the implementation of more innovative practices at their sites. They intentionally support the engagement of school community stakeholders in the process of identifying priorities and authentic strategies tailored to the needs of our school.

Tierre Mesa

Urban Promise Academy

As a recipient of the Teacher Retention Grant for two years, we've seen first hand the power of Educate78. Through accountability and thought partnership, Educate78 supported our Wellness Department in training teachers and providing counseling services to students. This work decreased nonacademic barriers to learning and better equipped teachers to support students.

Austin Razavi

Oakland Unity Middle School

Educate78 provided us with coaching, professional development workshops, and a budget to continually reflect and improve our school's design for better student outcomes. Their support helped us keep transformation for equity at the center of our work. Bridges has been steadily moving ahead and soon, we will launch a three-year school redesign plan that will accelerate student outcomes.

Anita Iverson-Comelo

Bridges Academy at Melrose

Resources for Education Equity Champions

Securing the future public education system we envision will take collaborative work over many years. During our time as Educate78, our team worked hard to build on the contributions of those who preceded us. We share some resources we created to “pay it forward” to those who share our vision for a future in which all children will realize their full brilliance and potential at every public school in every neighborhood.


Updates, insights into our perspective, and highlights from our work!