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Teacher Retention Grants: Madison Park Academy

Teacher Retention      February, 2018     

Educate78 is continuing to focus on – and provide funding for – teacher retention strategies because we know great teachers are essential to student success. Our Teacher Retention grants empower teachers to change the conditions at their school that are preventing teachers like themselves from staying. Oakland teachers know best what is needed in their schools to improve teacher success and retention, and we want you to hear straight from them: How did they identify the need at their school site? How are they using the funding, and what are some of the successes so far?
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In this blog, we hear from Annie Hatch, a Pathway Coach at Madison Park Academy. MPA received funding to provide teachers with materials and supply budgets to cover “the little things” – markers, paper, binder clips, as well as books, equipment for science experiments, and journals – in order to design quality daily lessons for students, while valuing teachers as professionals by providing needed classroom supplies and materials.
What is the focus issue your site is seeking to address with the support of a Keep Our Teachers grants?
Our focus is teacher retention. We lost about half our teachers last year and understand how traumatic that is to a school community. We want to keep our teachers and our teachers identified that a huge need for them is having the basic supplies and materials they need to do the job.
How did you identify this as a need at your site?
I had suggested maybe applying for the Educate78 grant as a way to partner with Mills Teacher Scholars. The teachers I met with pushed back and said, our needs are more basic — we need books, supplies, equipment, and we’re tired of fighting for everything or paying for it out of our own pockets.

The MPA team.

How are you using the retention grant money?
Teachers are allowed to spend their $500 in any way that supports them and increases student learning, teacher efficacy, satisfaction, and retention. They are using this money in a wide variety of ways — on manipulative, a vocab website, tools for digestive system modeling, posters, subscriptions to a coding website, glue and paper and pens, the list goes on.
What are some of the key successes or areas of progress so far?
Teachers feel respected as professionals and empowered to spend this money in a way that makes the most sense for them and their students.
Why advice do you have for other schools looking to increase teacher engagement and retention?
Ask teachers what they want and what they need! They will usually have some very good answers for you.
Why is this work important?
Because we need teachers to stay teaching in Oakland!


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